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CALL +61 431 430 732
WHATSAPP - +61 431 430 732
EMAIL - starchefequip@gmail.com
MON – FRI 10AM – 4:30PM



EDCO Aluminium Handle 1.5m x 25mm RED

Edco Enduro Press Wringer and Bucket 25 Litre Complete Blue

EDCO Unifit Handle with Soft Grip - 1.35m x 22mm

Ferrules Rev Blue 22mm

OATES All Purpose Holder (164739) (H2)

Oates Aluminium Handle Blue B-11583-B

Oates Aluminium Handle Green B-11583-G

OATES Aluminium Handle Holder (B-12144-B)

Oates Aluminium Handle Red B-11583-R

Oates Aluminium Handle Yellow B-11583-Y

Oates B-13119HB Aluminium Squeegee Blue with Handle 600mm

Oates Contractor Mop Head Blue MH-CO-01B

Oates Contractor Mop Head Green MH-CO-01G

Oates Contractor Mop Head Red MH-CO-01R

Oates Contractor Mop Head Yellow MH-CO-01Y

Oates Contractor Wringer Bucket Black IW-005BLK

Oates Contractor Wringer Bucket Blue IW-005B

Oates Contractor Wringer Bucket Green IW-005G

Oates Contractor Wringer Bucket Red IW-005R

Oates Contractor Wringer Bucket White IW-005W

Oates Contractor Wringer Bucket Yellow IW-005Y

Oates Duraclean Fibreglass Handle Green B-11555-G

Oates Duraclean Fibreglass Handle Yellow B-11555-Y

Oates Duraclean Mop Head Blue MH-DC-01

Oates Duraclean Mop Head Green MH-DC-01G

Oates Duraclean Mop Head Red MH-DC-01R

Oates Duraclean Mop Head Yellow MH-DC-01Y

Oates Duratuff Bamboo Broom Handle (B-11590) 1.35m x 22m

Oates Ezy Ergo Bucket 25 Litre Blue Twin IW-100B

Oates Ezy Ergo Bucket 25 Litre Green Twin IW-100G

Oates Ezy Ergo Bucket 25 Litre Red Twin IW-100R

Oates Ezy Ergo Bucket 25 Litre Yellow Twin IW-100Y

Oates General Purpose Bucket 9 Ltr Blue MS-009B

Oates General Purpose Bucket 9 Ltr Green MS-009G

Oates General Purpose Bucket 9 Ltr Red MS-009R

Oates General Purpose Bucket 9 Ltr Yellow MS-009Y

Oates Hospital Launder Mop Refill Blue SM-318-B

Oates Hospital Launder Mop Refill Green SM-318-G

Oates Hospital Launder Mop Refill Red SM-318-R

Oates Hospital Launder Mop Refill Yellow SM-318-Y

Oates Multi Fit Broom Handle only B-11517

Oates Shaped Brickies Brush (B-18205)

Oates Triple Action Flat Mop EV-011

Oates Triple Action Wet Mop REFILL 350 x 410 x 120mm (165610



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Located In the central of Brisbane City and Logan city, founded 10 years ago from a family business
to now a national service equipment supplier to Australia
Specialising in recyclable packaging, kitchen appliances, bubble tea ingredients, cleaning products
and printing services. We do it all, just ask.
We are also known for fast delivery straight to your door, with a 24/7 customer service.
The positive feedback in our business has led to success as we are Australia’s lowest price. No
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