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Ideal for your banquet or buffet, the chafing dish is an indirect heat stove. Chafing dishes are basically food warmers – they heat a pan of water from below, which in turn heats a pan of food above. Chafing dishes are highly compact and portable, made from pure stainless steel, they also have enough fuel to warm food for up to six hours. They are not meant to be used to cook food, they are purely built to maintain heat so that meals are made ready for consumption. Chafing dishes are comprised of a frame, a water pan and a steel lid (or a glass lid alternatively), they also feature sturdy legs for balance, a food pan and a stand. Chafing dishes can also heat soup stations, this is especially made simple with a round chafing dish to place the soup unit. Check out our range of chafing dishes here at Star Chef Equipment.



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