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WHATSAPP - +61 431 430 732
EMAIL - starchefequip@gmail.com
MON – FRI 10AM – 4:30PM



RGT-24E Two burner griddle

RGT-36E Three Burner Griddle

RGT-48E Four burner griddle

QR-36E Natural Gas 6 Burner Char Grill Top

RB-6-SE stand

RB-4-SE stand

RB-2-SE stand

JUS400 S/S stand for JUS-DM-2 and JUS-TY-1

QR-24ELPG LPG Gas 4 Burner Char Grill Top

QR-48ELPG Natural Gas 8 Burner Char Grill Top

RG-2-MS Additional Meat Rod Assembly Suit RG-2

RGT-24ELPG Two burner griddle LPG

RGT-36ELPG Three Burner Griddle LPG

RGT-48ELPG Four burner griddle LPG

QR-36ELPG LPG Gas 6 Burner Char Grill Top

JUS-TRH60 GASMAX Benchtop 2 Burner Chargrill

JUS-TRGH60LPG GASMAX Benchtop LPG Gas Combo 1/2 Char & 1/2 Griddle

JUS600 S/S stand for Gammax JUS Grill & Griddle

JUS-TRG40 GASMAX Benchtop Single Bunner Griddle

JUS-TRG40LPG GASMAX Benchtop Single Bunner Griddle LPG Gas

JUS-TRH60LPG GASMAX Benchtop 2 LPG Burner Chargrill

JUS-TRH40 GASMAX Benchtop Gas Lava Rock Grill

JUS-TRH40LPG GASMAX Benchtop Gas Lava Rock Grill

JUS-TY-2 Dry Bain Marie With 1 x 1/1 pan + 2 x ¼ GN Pan & Lid

Gas Cook top 2 burner with Flame Failure- RB-2E

Gas Cook top LPG 2 burner with Flame Failure - RB-2ELPG

Gas Cook top 4 burner with Flame Failure - RB-4E

Gas Cook top 4 burner with Flame Failure - RB-4ELPG

Gas Cook top 6 burners LPG with Flame Failure - RB-6ELPG

Removable Basting rail - QR-24-BR

Removable Basting rail - QR-36-BR

Removable Basting rail - QR-48-BR

QR-36-SE stand

QR-48-SE stand

QR-24-SE stand

Optional door assembly JUS400-Door for JUS400

Optional doors assembly JUS600-Door for JUS600

GG-24 Two burner NG Griddle Top

GG-36 Three burner NG Griddle Top

GG-48 Four burner NG Griddle Top

RB-1E GASMAX Dual Ring Burner Single Hob with Flame Failure

RB-1ELPG GASMAX Freestanding Stockpot / Stock Pot Boiler with Flame Failure

GG-36-SE stand

GG-24-SE stand

GG-48-SE stand

GG-12-SE stand

QR-14-SE stand

QR-16-SE stand

Natural Gas 2 Burner Char Grill Top - QR-14E

Single Burner Griddle Top - RGT-16E

Two Burner Char Grill Top LPG - QR-14ELPG

Single Burner Griddle Top - RGT-16ELPG

JUS-TRG60 GASMAX Benchtop 2 Bunner Griddle 600mm

JUS-TRG60LPG GASMAX Benchtop 2 Bunner Griddle 600mm

JUS-TRGH60 GASMAX Benchtop Combo 1/2 Char & 1/2 Griddle

RB-4LPG Four burner hob With Flame Failure

GG-12LPG One burner LPG Griddle Top

GG-12 One burner NG Griddle Top

QR-24-SD Stand

QR-48-SD Stand



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Located In the central of Brisbane City and Logan city, founded 10 years ago from a family business
to now a national service equipment supplier to Australia
Specialising in recyclable packaging, kitchen appliances, bubble tea ingredients, cleaning products
and printing services. We do it all, just ask.
We are also known for fast delivery straight to your door, with a 24/7 customer service.
The positive feedback in our business has led to success as we are Australia’s lowest price. No
existing competition in the market as we are guaranteed to beat any prices you see.

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